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What We Do

Beekeeper is a powerful set of purpose-built APIs. Plug-and-play solutions that integrate seamlessly into a myriad of communications infrastructures. Ultra portable, scalable, and customizable.

Sub-standard, disjunctive communication patterns
sub-standard communications
Optimized Systems, Powered by Beekeeper

How we do it

Share Icon One-to-one/one-to-many chat, voice, and video-conferencing
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Star Icon Queued, expert-level support
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Topics Icon Topics, groups and channels that are easy to create, follow, and manage.
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Media Icon Rich-media capable posts that are easy to like, bookmark, and share.
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Why Industrious Hive?

Build on what already works

Other solutions require you to abandon proven workflows. We extend your capabilities seamlessly.

Consolidate your communications

Manage all your communication touchpoints under one roof, instead of countless third-party platforms and services.

Own your content

In an age where authenticity is at a premium, owning your content is critical. With all your brand assets and customer interactions under your control, you own your brand.

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